5 Tips to Save Money on Office Supplies

Irrespective of whether you are running a small or a big business, the finances incurred when buying office supplies have a great impact on your finances. If the purchase of office supplies is left unmonitored, it can have a huge financial burden on the business. The following are tips on how you can save money on office supplies.

Have an inventory

Before going out to buy office supplies, plan an inventory of the things you have in the office and the ones you need to purchase. Your current inventory helps you have a plan on which items you need to stock and restock; and which items can wait till the next time you go shopping.

Shop around and strategize before settling

Shopping around helps you to compare items and prices before buying. Online shopping is good, especially if you don’t have a personal supplier. You have the opportunity to browse and view all the deals available and to determine the one that works best for you.

Repurpose and reuse

This is a good way to cut on shipping and packaging costs. You can do this by recycling boxes that haven’t been used. You can also make packing material out of shredded documents to save money.

Consider shipping costs

For people buying big office supplies that are imported, shipping costs should put into consideration. Make sure that are all the shipping costs and the delivery costs, especially for big-sized items, are accounted for by the vendor.

Don’t wait for the last minute

Many people start rushing to shop when the office supplies run out, which should not be the case. Last-minute shopping can be very cumbersome, and it increases the chances of impulse buying. When you find there are supplies you are running out of, you can make an emergency resupply and get some other things you might be running low on while at it.

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